BOA Supply Chain Management Supplier Forum January 31- Feb 2 - Invited for the second consecutive year, Paragon Technologies hit it big at the 2nd exclusive Forum organized by the Bank Of America Supply Chain Management. Attendees of the Trades Fair event were wowed with the interactive technology and content displayed at the Paragon Booth. Paragon Technologies hosted many of the Bank’s Supply Chain Managers in our booth including Greg Taylor and Brian Powers who head the Global Supply Chain Team for BOA.

Approximately 300 suppliers out of the over 81,000 suppliers to Bank of America attended this invitation only 3 day event. Businesses had opportunities to partake in competitive contracting and procurement processes and reap the benefits of an increased scope and range of the market for suppliers. Suppliers, Bank of America and the BOA Supply Chain Management team achieve success by working diligently to strengthen relationships among themselves and others.

Paragon Technologies, Inc. has been a committed IT staffing partner to BOA for several years and has ranked as one of the top diversity players in this field. The SCM Forum allows great networking and face to face time with the BOA SCM Leadership.

About Bank of America Supply Chain Management

Bank of America Supply Chain Management supports four divisions: Competitive Procurement Activities and Bid Processes, Commitment to Growth and Development of Communities, Supplier Relationship Development Initiative, and Equal-Opportunity Employment. BOA assists minority business owners by offering the same education opportunities as Fortune 500 companies through the Bank of America Dorothy B. Brothers Executive Scholarship. The key focus of the Supply Chain Management is to keep good relations with their suppliers and those that do business with them.

About Paragon Technologies

Paragon Technologies, Inc. has the skill, experience, talent and proven track record to meet your long-term Information System needs. As a company, we are committed to excellence in the performance of professional services and the delivery of timely, cost-effective and technically-sound solutions. We are specialists in IT Staffing, Project and Program Management, Interactive Digital Signage and Content Creation and Management Solutions since 1993.

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