Diversity Council Showcases Paragon Technologies in the First Electronic Newsletter. Read about CNN's Donna Brazile and Madhu Iyer, CEO of Paragon Technologies
04.11.2007 - GMSDC
Paragon proudly supported GMSDC at the 2007 BOE & Awards expo
01.31.2007 - BOA
Invited for the second consecutive year, Paragon Technologies hit it big at the 2nd exclusive Forum organized by the Bank Of America Supply Chain Management.
10.29.2006 - NMSDC
Paragonís Interactive Wayfinder was talk of the show at NMSDC Trade fair.
02.07.2006 - Awards
Paragon's multimedia division, Prism, was named one of the Top 40 Innovative Technology companies.

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Paragon Technologies, Inc. has the skill, experience, talent and proven track record to meet your long-term Information System needs. As a company, we are committed to excellence in the performance of professional services and the delivery of timely, cost-effective and technically-sound solutions.

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The Paragon Solutions Center offers custom application development for clients on a fixed-price basis. Our in-house development staff has also create many products that can be customized for different vertical markets.
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